Minnesota is a pretty great state. I've was born and raised here and still find myself learning new and interesting things about my home state sometimes. Here are some pretty cool facts about Minnesota you might not know. These are enough to make you think 'wow, Minnesota is a pretty neat place to live.'

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1. Did you know that Minnesota is called the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' but we actually have way more than that...try like 15,000 lakes. Yeah, woah.

2. Minnesota's name means 'cloudy water'. Let that sink in. It doesn't sound like water you want to drink, does it? That might be why Mud Lake is the most common Minnesota lake name...with 201.

3. I love Target and Land O' Lakes...both are Fortune 200 companies started in Minnesota. In fact, Minnesota is home to the most Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

4. The Mississippi River starts in Minnesota. When I was a little girl, I took a trip to Itasca State Park and dipped my feet in Lake Itasca where the river begins.

5. Mall of America is the largest indoor shopping mall in the world. It's also got a huge theme park inside called Nickelodeon Universe.

6. Some of the coolest inventions to come out of Minnesota include; the pop-up toaster, stapler, Spam, Scotch tape, Bisquick,the bundt pan and more.

7. Valleyfair is the largest amusement park in the Midwest. It's true.

8. Minneapolis has one of the largest skyway systems in the country. It connects at least 52 blocks.

9. Minnesotans don't have to pay tax on clothes or shoes.

10. Some of the most famous celebrities to come out of Minnesota include; Prince, Josh Hartnett, Judy Garland, Charles Shulz, Bob Dylan, Winona Ryder, Chris Pratt, Vince Vaughn, Jessica Biel, Jessica Lange, Mitch Hedberg, Nick Swardson, Melissa Peterman, Rachel Leigh Cook and more.

How many of these facts did you already know?


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