Each state has its own ways of celebrating Christmas. This is my first Christmas in Minnesota, so I decided to take a look at how "True Minnesotans" celebrate Christmas. Only In Your State put together a list of common Christmas Traditions in the land of ten thousand lakes. Let's see how Minnesotan you are.

1. Spend time doing winter activities

Even though it is really cold outside, many Minnesotans love to go sledding, ice skating, and fishing. Especially when they have time off to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Going to the Mall of America 

The Mall of America has every store in it that you could possibly need. That is why it's a great place to get a large majority of your Christmas shopping done.

3. Eat/Make Lefse 

I had to Google what Lefse was. It is a Norwegian dish and sounds really good. It is a flatbread made out of potatoes, flour, butter, and milk.

4. Eat Lutefisk 

This is also a Norwegian dish. This is a dried white fish that is cured with lye. It sounds quite good as well.

5. Holidazzle 

They say checking out Holidazzle is on the list. I was there over the weekend. There are a lot of fun things to do and it is very festive.

6. Eating Tator Tot Hotdish 

I knew this one was going to find its way on the list. You wouldn't be a true Minnesotan if you didn't have Tator Tot Hotdish for every holiday.

7. Go Look at Light Displays 

There are a lot of light displays all over Minnesota. So are drive-through, others are walkthrough. Taking the time to do that makes you a Minnesotan.

8. Stocking Up on Minnesota's Christmas Candies

Apparently the Christmas candies of Minnesota are... Pearson's Mint Patties, Nut Goodies, and Salted Nut Rolls. If you give these away or eat these on Christmas, you have connections to Minnesota.

9. Find the Pickle on the Tree 

This is a tradition that a lot of families have adopted. They hid a pickle ornament on a tree and the person that finds it, either gets something special or gets to open their present first.

10. Watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

A classic Christmas movie is on a lot of folk tradition list. This is a pretty great one to watch on Christmas day.

So... how Minnesotan are you?

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