Actor Ryan Reynolds' sense of humor doesn't just stop on the silver screen but is also found in commercials for his Gin, Aviation Gin. The Canadian actor decided to have a little fun with the Peloton commercial that went viral earlier this month. In Reynolds' commercial, it stars Monica Ruiz, the same actress used in Peloton's, and hints that something may have happened.

In Reynolds' commercial, it hints that Ruiz broke up with her husband and her friends took her out for a night on the town where they are seen drinking a Martini made with Aviation. One of Ruiz's friends tells her, "You're safe here", before they all make a toast to "new beginnings". At the end of the commercial you can hear one of the girls say, "You look great by the way", as a shot towards Peloton for their infamous holiday commercial that sparked an uproar on social media earlier this month.

Have you seen the original Peloton commercial? What do you think about it?

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