Grab those fancy clothes and get ready for Easter Sunday on April 17th, 2022!  One of the traditions that many families have is heading out for a big meal with those we love.  If you are looking for an amazing restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota serving brunch, check out these 10 spots dishing up delicious food.

10 Restaurants in Rochester Serving a Brunch on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday! This is one of the biggest days for families to go to church to celebrate the holiday and then head to a local restaurant for an amazing brunch. If you are on the hunt for a brunch, you are in luck! Below are some of the best East Sunday brunches in the Rochester, Minnesota area that will be serving delicious food.

What restaurant is your favorite for breakfast or brunch in the Rochester, Minnesota area?

Let me know if I'm missing a place serving brunch in Rochester on Easter Sunday.  I looked around at different restaurant websites and Facebook pages but I'm sure I'm missing a few.  Just send me a note on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio. 

Top spots in Rochester to Bite Down on a Mouth-Watering Burger

I know Easter brunch may not be everyone's cup of tea and burgers might be more of your thing.  If you love a good, juicy pad of meat on a bun full of all sorts of amazing fixins', check out the list below that is home to some of the most amazing burgers in Rochester!  WARNING: you may just want to grab a bib because you could start drooling again. And of course, every good burger needs some scrumptious french fries, so I've got those below for you too.  #Sorry. #NotSorry

11 Best Places to Get a Mouth-Watering Burger in Rochester

A delicious burger is ALWAYS a good idea! But it can be hard to figure out where to go with all of the burger places in our area. To help you decide where to get your next burger, check out the 11 best places to get a burger in Rochester according to Yelp (in no particular order).


8 Places in Rochester that Make the Best French Fries

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