In the fall of 2023, Owatonna High School students will begin attending classes at the new campus in the southeast corner of town. That will leave the 100-year-old building in need of a new purpose. The Existing OHS Citizens' Task Force made their recommendation to the school board on Monday, April 11.

Under their proposal, the district would own and operate the gymnasium area and locker rooms, the Ag building, and the C Plaza in the building. Operations currently conducted at the district office at 515 West Bridge Street and at 115 East Rose Street would move to the current OHS site. Parking lots to support these activities would also be maintained by the district.

In a news release from the Owatonna Public School District, the task force also suggests the district "enter into a Development Agreement with Paul Warshauer of Grande Venues/Former Owatonna High School (FOHS) LLC to explore potential redevelopment of the remainder of the building/complex as outlined in the proposal dates March 9, 2022."

The task force urged the district to provide updates to the Existing OHS Citizens' group and call them "back to action when more information is available...before final decisions are made by the school board."

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