Mere weeks after winning the World's Ugliest Dog competition in California, Zsa Zsa died in her sleep on Tuesday morning at the age of 9.

Don't mind me over here sobbing. Yah, she won the title of being the ugliest dog in the world but we all still fell in love with her quirky traits, especially her ridiculously long tongue!

In case you didn't hear Zsa Zsa's story, she was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri when she was 5 years old and was soon brought to Minnesota and adopted by Megan Brainard.

Megan said that she named her Zsa Zsa after the Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor because Zsa Zsa the dog liked to lie on the couch like a model. Ugh, I never met this dog and I still miss her.

You can read our blog when Zsa Zsa won the title of World's Ugliest Dog here.


Source: Star Tribune


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