Careful - don't get any ideas.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is inviting submissions, allowing the general public to name the snowplows in their fleet.  MNDOT is seeking "creative, witty, and fun names" as part of a new effort to name eight snowplows that take care of Mother Nature's furry.  The eight names represent one for each of the Minnesota Department of Transportation's districts throughout the state.

Name ideas can be submitted right now.  Click here to visit the official Minnesota Department of Transportation website to enter your ideas.  Submissions will be accepted through Friday, January 22, 2021.  All you need to do is submit the name, your name, an email address, and the city in which you live.

At some point in February, officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will collect the submissions, organize them, and then let the general public vote on their favorites.  The eight names that get the most votes during that process will then make their way onto a snowplow in each of the eight districts throughout the state.

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More details about MNDOT's name the snowplow campaign are available in digital form on the agencies website and social media. The Minnesota Department of Transportation invited everyone to follow their Instagram and Facebook feeds - look for @mndot. They also have a Twitter account with the same handle:  @mndot.  The official website also contains a wealth of information about road projects, highway conditions, and much more.

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