I guess this is one way to get a free trip from Colorado to Minnesota.  Cling to the undercarriage of a vehicle and ride the 1250 mile trip... scary?  Yes.  Dangerous? Yes.

We are talking about a marmot. Otherwise known as a woodchuck or a groundhog or even a whistle pig. I'll be honest, that last one is a new one for me. In a Facebook post from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, they said that they rescued the rodent from the vehicle and were very surprised that the little gal actually made the trip and was still alive.  Although was in critical condition.

This was shared by the WRC through Bring Me the News:

" She's emaciated from five days without food or water (amazing she was strong enough to cling to the car), has some burns and abscesses on her, and oddly has a mild case of lead toxicity, 

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota gave the rodent as much TLC as possible both medically and also trying to comfort the animal.  But unfortunately, the last post that was made late in the afternoon on Monday stating that despite all of their treatment, they were unable to save the marmot.

This is just one of those stories where everyone would like to have a happy ending.  Unfortunately that is not the case, but you have to admire the perseverance.  I'm not sure what would make an animal like that cling on for dear life for that long of a trip, but the thought is that it may have already been hurt by another animal and was hiding from that other predatory animal. Then just got stuck there when the vehicle moved.


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