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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A woman from Dover was the victim of a robbery/purse snatching in Rochester over the weekend.

Rochester police say the 52-year-old woman stopped at the Holiday convenience store in the 400 block of Fourth Street Southeast around 1 AM Sunday. She was standing outside her vehicle when she was approached by three Black males who appeared to be 16 to 18 years old approached her and asked if she had change for a $100 bill.

After indicating she did not, the woman told police she went inside the store and was followed by the three young men and ended up purchasing a soft drink for one of them. After exiting the building, the woman said that she was offered a chance to inspect the $100 bill, and she told them it was counterfeit.


At that point, one of the trio grabbed her wallet and wrestled it away from her even though it was strapped around her wrist. The police report says it contained about $50 in cash, the woman’s driver’s license, and other pieces of identification.

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The three robbers fled on foot and could not be located by the police officers who responded to the incident. A spokesman says surveillance video recordings from the convenience store are being reviewed by investigators in hopes of identifying the suspects.

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