So you are now working from home and snacking is a daily activity now that your fridge is right there. Will YOU be one of the many Americans who will put on the 'Quarantine 15?' Research has shown that many of us will put on some weight while we're stuck at home during the pandemic. But how much will we end up gaining? Luckily there is an online calculator for you to find out. 

The online calculator is brought to you by Zippia, the career experts, and it's a series of simple questions you can answer to find out the likelihood of you putting on the quarantine-15.

Some of the questions are tough to answer, like how long will you be in quarantine for? It's a tough one to answer as we really don't know, but if everything stays on track we will be out April 10th. Other questions are fairly simple to answer like do you still exercise? What fuels you? And do you snack while you are working?

Want to avoid the quarantine-15? Here are some tips from Zippia. 

  • Pick a snack. (think healthy)
  • Try not to graze.
  • Don't choose a night cap.
  • If you do desire a drinky-poo as Mr. Lahey would say, do it in moderation. (one is better than two)
  • Exercise.
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