I can come up with a few good reasons why you would have watched Super Bowl LII. With the game at US Bank Stadium, the local angle was likely a big draw. However, with the Vikings just missing the chance to play in a home Super Bowl, some local fans might still have a sour taste leftover from the NFC title game. I made a last minute decision to watch most of the five-hour pregame and was rewarded with an interview with Bud Grant and several hockey references.

Speaking of leftovers, Super Sunday is usually a big day to feast on delicious delights and fully end your annual New Year's resolution to lose weight. The effort and money that advertisers put into the commercials is a source of fun for many viewers. I still haven't figured out who sponsored the thirty seconds of black screen, but several people had some fun with that one on social media. In fact, watching twitter is becoming a popular and fun way to experience big events. Tide, Doritos and many movie trailers were among the highlights.

It is a great social event with many non-sports fans enduring this one event with their sports-loving spouses. Then there is also the fact it is the championship game for the most popular sport in the United States. And as fate would have it, this year's game delivered a great up and down the field battle with the underdog Eagles knocking off the  Patriots dynasty 41-33. Read a recap in this Star Tribune report.

The halftime show has become an event of its own and Sunday's didn't disappoint. Justin Timberlake moved for nearly as many yards as the teams while performing a variety of his hits, singing a duet with Prince's image on a large curtain and dancing with members of Minnesota high school dance teams and the University of Minnesota marching band.

I find myself checking off all of these reasons to watch the Big Game. I may have lost a small wager for lunch with a coworker, but the entertainment value of Super Bowl LII makes it a small price to pay. I have talked to several people who went to Super Bowl-themed events and thoroughly enjoyed them and others who volunteered and had a great time.


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    The Eyes of the Nation were on MN

    It's hard to know when the temperature and weather in Minnesota will be discussed as much by the national media again.

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    bhofack2 townsquaremedia


    Whether it was hot dish, hot wings or chili many parties featured a great selection of goodies.

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    Great Commercials

    We like them. We hate them. It is the one time each year you might hear, "Quiet down. The commercials are on."

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    Halftime Show

    Justin Timberlake put on some great moves during his halftime set. It show also featured Minnesota high school dancers and the University of MN marching band.

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    The Game

    Bud Grant might not have liked the lack of quality defense, but the game was spellbinding and close throughout.

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