With the Big Game approaching there are still many that watch just to see the TV ads. Often the discussion centers on one or two particular ads. When it comes to radio ads, it's often more like, "I hear them all the time". A couple of my friends have mentioned the My Pillow ads as being on all the time. Times up. Which business did you hear the most on the radio last year? My guess was actually number one in 2016 but slipped to number 2 this year. My guess was GEICO. The new champ for 2017 is Home Depot. In fact the first two on the list have a large separation from the third place finisher. Home Depot purchased 2,584,993 radio ads last year according to Media Monitors. GEICO purchased 2,208,419. Third place finisher JC Penny purchased 1,431,306 ads.

I remember a former manager of mine who is now in the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame discussing radio advertising.  I like his analogy best. He told the prospective client "how much would I have to pay you to just walk up and tap the shoulder of say 50 people and tell them to come try your burgers?" Even though I said just 50 people, 4 or 5 of them are in a neighboring town a few miles away and there's another half dozen out plowing their fields and a couple more are driving to work. How much would I have to pay you to do this? Would you do it for $5, $10, $20?

The voice is a powerful tool. In my opinion if parents did a better job of raising and lowering their pitch or their pace of speaking they'd be less tempted to resort to other means in disciplining their children. You don't need to yell or scream to convey a subtle message of approval or disapproval. Your ears can usually tell you if someone is happy or not .

Anyway rounding out the top list for 2017 is McDonalds in 4th followed by Lowe's, AutoZone, Staples, Mattress Firm, Macy's and the US Department of Transportation.

As far as categories the top advertiser on radio in 2017 were wireless carriers followed by fast food and then automotive.

A few that were in the top hundred for 2016 but not in 2017 include American Express, Bud Light, Chevrolet and Rosetta Stone.


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