When it comes to workplace etiquette, there are some things you’re not supposed to do. First of all, never stick your pen in the company ink. Second, never talk about issues regarding your home. And third, never talk about religion or politics.

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If there was ever a time to not talk about politics, it would be the last ten years. Topics that get brought up in political conversations have become too black-and-white. The gray area seems to be disappearing, even though most topics have a lot of a gray area.

All that political talk leads to tension. Tension in the workplace environment is not a good thing, which is why it’s best not to talk about politics at work.

But Minnesota ranks as one of the top states that do talk a lot about politics in the workplace. According to a study from Zippia.com, Minnesota ranks 12th in the country.

We surveyed 2,000 workers to determine the impact of politics on the workspace. Turns out, most workers are pretty distracted by politics and almost half have a lot to say on the clock. - Zippia.com

The study also showed that almost 80% of people were distracted at work because of talking about politics. One out of every five workers would consider leaving a job because of how others thought politically.

All of that tells me it's a topic best left unsaid. Maybe it's good that more people are working from home.

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