Fans of the show are not happy.

A contestant seemed to recently solve the puzzle in the bonus round, but she was not awarded the prize.

The contestant did not get the puzzle right on her first try, but after a brief pause, she was able to get the last "Word" out and appear to solve the puzzle.

Well, Pat Sajak had to inform her that the length of her pause cost her the vehicle she would have won because contestants must say the phrase in continuation.

No, Sajak doesn't make the rules, but he must enforce them when the time comes on the show and fans are not happy.

Many who watch the show have demanded that they give this contestant the vehicle, while others have threatened to no longer watch the game show.

Some have even called for the company that makes the vehicle she should have won to just hand the keys over to her.

Whatever the case may be, we will watch how this unfolds, and let's see if anyone steps up and does indeed hand the keys over to her.

And for those who may one day be on this show, you need to be aware of this rule or technicality.

Here's the controversial moment from the show.

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