If you have spent time at a bar or brewery in Minnesota, you have more than likely come across the game of Hammer-Schlagen. It consists of a large stump that players stand around and take turns attempting to drive nails into it. Now the company that has created the game has secured a trademark for the stumps:

A permanent injunction entered by Chief Judge John Tunheim of Minnesota's federal District Court last week declares, "WRB, Inc. is the owner of the trade dress identified as the HammerSchlagen Stump" and the Stump "is valid and enforceable."

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The item that is trademarked is called the Stump, and is a round piece of wood with nails positioned around the perimeter and a cross-peen hammer. WRB Inc.'s CEO Jim Martin has been a Hammer-Schlagen game master for over 20 years, and in a press release shared:

"If you want to provide nail driving entertainment to your guests, please don't counterfeit the Stump. It took decades to establish the goodwill of Hammer-Schlagen. Just call us, and we'll do our best to show up and put smiles on your patron's faces."

This game is one of my fiance's favorites, and if our friend group sees it at a place we are hanging out at, chances are good we will have hammers in our hands within minutes. I've never paid attention as to whether or not the stumps we've played on are official WRB ones or not, but now that I know about this trademark I'll be on the lookout for it.

For complete rules on playing Hammer-Schlagen, visit them online, and to see the paperwork proof of the company's trademark, check out their press release.

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