There are at least 11 theatrical movies and serials starring Batman. There are 11 more with Superman. There are Suicide Squad, ConstantineCatwomanSupergirlSwamp Thing, and Watchmen movies. Heck, even Jonah freaking Hex got his own film seven years ago. For whatever reason, there has never been a Wonder Woman movie until this week. At least it’s here now, and it is really good.

Although it took her many decades to make the transition from comics to the big screen, Wonder Woman has had some success on the small screen; she’s been a frequent member of Justice League and Super Friends cartoons, and she had a notable run as the star of her own ABC and CBS TV show. Wonder Woman aired for three seasons in the mid and late 1970s, starring Lynda Carter as Diana Prince. The show didn’t have quite the cultural impact as the ’60s Batman show, but its disco-tastic theme song is still sung by comic-book nerds everywhere.

With the new Wonder Woman arriving in theaters, this felt like the perfect time to imagine a dream crossover between the Dianas of yesterday and today. We took the Wonder Woman TV credits and populated them with the cast of the Wonder Woman movie. The results work pretty well, actually. You can see for yourself above.

Over the course of its three seasons, the Wonder Woman TV series actually had several opening credits sequences. This is the one from Season 3:

While I enjoyed Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, I do want to state for the record that Gal Gadot doesn’t do nearly enough fencing and/or motorcycle jumping in it. That is a big missed opportunity.

Enjoy Wonder Woman in theaters this weekend and check out some of ScreenCrush’s other retro trailers for current blockbusters:

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