Time for some fun facts (and at least one non-fun fact) from the wrapup on the Steele County Fair. You may have heard estimated attendance was 313,046, a slight uptick compared to 2017. Mega Ride tickets numbered 4,789, which was 23 fewer tickets than 2017. But did you hear (or brave) the top ride at the fair?

The September edition of the Steele County Free Fair Barker newsletter reported on the most popular rides on the Gold Star midway. And the survey said...

  1. Century Ferris Wheel
  2. 2 Xtreme
  3. Musik Express
  4. Flying Bobs
  5. Re-Mix
  6. Zipper 2
  7. Pharaoh's Fury
  8. Zipper 1
  9. Gondola Wheel
  10. Yo-Yo


More fun facts include

  1. 12,575 people going through the Auto Museum, which highlighted hot rods and custom cars
  2. The fair board received many positive comments about the Butterfly Encounter, including "Lots of lovely flowers and many butterflies. An oasis in middle of SCFF.
  3. Kids got the chance to build a birdhouse or bird feeder courtesy of Alexander Lumber.
  4. Kari Wunderlich won the photography people's choice award with her picture of the baby birds.
  5. The fair featured over 2,000 projects by 4-H students and over 3,300 open class entries.

At least one un-fun fact

  1. On Thursday, 21 school buses filled with kids from Mankato and Burnsville arrived with about 1,000 kids at virtually the same time that downpouring rain began. The students did not get the chance to enjoy the fair and had to board the buses and return home. County sheriff Lon Thiele stopped by our broadcast booth at the KRFO TownSquare and expressed his disappointment at having to help direct those buses back to their home communities.

Upcoming events at the fairgrounds include

  • Back to School Dance, September 7
  • Owatonna Motor Company Sale, September 14-22
  • Alzheimers Walk, September 16
  • Homecoming Float building, September 18-21
  • St. Mary's Marathon, September 21
  • Blue Line Club 50th Anniversary Hockey Celebration, September 22
  • Steele County Ducks Unlimited Banquet, September 27

In an August 20 news release, fair board member Dan Deml shared the board's gratitude toward the community, "Again, that you for participating in the 2018 Steele County Free Fair and look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 Steele County Fair August 13-18, 'Summer Days and Carnival Nights.'"

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