The Quarantine-Edition of the NFL draft begins Thursday, April 23. As general managers across the league check and double-check their backgrounds and lock out their dogs and cats, fans across the country may be seeking a shred of sports normalcy. Picks will be announced from the commissioner's house. Top selections will likely be connected digitally for their reaction.

Vikings fan and season ticket holder Todd Walkingstick of Owatonna joined me to discuss the new-look draft and what he hopes to see his favorite team accomplish. Minnesota enters the draft with 12 selections, including a pair in the first round, pending any draft day trades.

Round one takes up Thursday night. The second and third rounds are scheduled for Friday. The final rounds are throughout the day Saturday.

Walkingstick wonders what technical glitches might come during the modified event. You may recall a few weeks ago a NASCAR driver missed qualifying for one of their virtual races when his internet connection forced him to miss qualifying. What will happen if a general manger loses a connection while his team's clock runs out?

"It's going to be historical," says Walkingstick, but, "I'm sure they don't ever want to do this again."

He is looking for the Vikings to be in a youth movement after losing several players to free agency while signing very few during the off-season. He sees plenty of possibilities across the board to restock positions, "This draft is rich in everything...We cannot screw this up I don't think. There is just too much talent just sitting on the board" (Spoken like a Vikings fan who has seen some disappoints in the draft in his lifetime.)

Walkingstick knows there is a chance the team could trade back to get more picks, but would really like to see Minnesota keep at least one of its first round picks. He looks at offensive tackle, wide receiver, and defensive secondary as top needs for the team.

Hear my full conversation with Walkingstick below. And check out photos of US Bank Stadium and Minnesota's top-notch sports facilities.

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