Ballpark food has changed a LOT in the last few years, and now, the Twins are offering downright fancy food. You'll find plenty of good (if expensive) food at the ballpark. Ike's double-decker cheeseburger, huge fried chicken sandwich, ceviche, steak and more. Hey, Murray's, the old school steakhouse, has a $59 dollar steak that is definitely worth the money. Also, a ton of ethnic foods that'll rock your socks off.

But it can't all be good, so here's what to say no thank you to...

At Red Rabbit, Star Tribune Foot Critic Rick Nelson says you can pass on the huge chicken Parmesan. Not as good at the ballpark as at their regular restaurant.

fresh grilled hot dog with mustard chili and onions

Out in the stands, the pita Wrap is good to go, but the gyro version? Rick Nelson says it's dull. A gyro can be many things, but if it doesn't make your taste buds dance, stick with a hot dog.

From a few people, I know, skip the hot chocolate altogether. It is worse than grade school hot cocoa, just tepid water and powder of uncertain flavor. Another complaint from friends is all the Papa John's pizza...they're craving local pizza, not chain dreck. And if the mini donuts usually make you drool, Rick says meh...not so much.

Read Rick Nelson's full review here.

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