The Voyageurs Wolf Project has released another video from their trail cameras that caught a den of 5 adorable wold pups who were peeking out of a den in the base of an ancient cedar tree. Thankfully these pups have a warm shelter in place to huddle together.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a University of Minnesota research project that initially began to understand what wolves do during the summer. before GPS collars and trail cameras were made available it was very difficult to study the predatory habits of the wolves found in this region where their dens were and also to track the number of pups born.

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The winter months definitely pose a different perspective for the wolf packs as with most animals. In the winter wolves hunt in packs and tend to kill large prey such as moose or deer but once the wolf pups are born in the spring, wolves are more solitary predators returning to and from their dens to check on the pups.

The following video was posted on January 10 2022 so this group of pups might have been born in the Spring and they just discovered the footage now which is unclear. But thanks to this trail camera finding this den they will hopefully be able to keep track of the health and growth of these pups. To this day it remains hard to keep track of pup survival. Thankfully the GPS collars on some wolves have helped with the study of prey populations and human interaction as well.

Check out the video below of these adorable pups who are taking a peek out of the safety of their den to do some exploring.

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