"Welcome to the Iron Range, boys" is right!  And we bet that Sammy's Pizza made it all worthwhile.

The Delano Tigers hockey team continued their winning season with a game on the Iron Range on Tuesday, December 28 against the Hibbing-Chisholm.  The Delano team that's 7-2 so far this season captured a win over the Bluejackets, winning 2-1.

Out of town and hungry, the Delano team stopped for dinner afterwards at a Northland tradition:  Sammy's Pizza - the original location - on Howard Street in Hibbing.  And, as those of us who live here know, we received a decent amount of snow early this week; "19 inches of snow over...two days".

Sammy's Pizza West Duluth location in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Even though Hibbing does a decent-enough job of snow removal, there was still a pile-up of "Mother Nature's Finest" that made the streets slippery.  It also made it easy for a large-sized coach bus to get stuck.

After filling up on pizza at Sammy's, the team piled back on the bus to head towards home.  That plan was stalled when the bus got stuck in the middle of the street.

Apparently the bus driver tried their best to get the vehicle unstuck by rocking it back and forth - to no avail.  That's when a little unplanned "impromtu team activity" came to the rescue.

Snow-covered street and cars with a lonely pedestrian. Heavy snowstorm
Delano Tigers Twitter account

While the bus pushing was a good bonding experience, the head coach of the Tigers - Gerrit van Begen - shared that he doesn't plan on it becoming a usual part of their routine.

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