It's not uncommon for many of us to have scam attempts pitched at us all of the time, it's usually daily for me.

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A lot of attempts come in the form of robocalls, usually with a computer voice.  I've heard everything from them claiming I have unpaid tickets, I am to appear in court, or that it's the IRS or other entity claiming I am in trouble.  Sometimes it's an actual live person and they, at least to me, aren't usually very convincing.  The other way they arrive almost daily for me as well, is through email.  Recently I wrote about a fake Netflix scam, which came in the form of an email you can read about HERE.

Text Scam- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Text Scam- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Just the other day, I got a text message claiming it was my current mobile phone provider, AT&T.  The message, screenshot and posted above clearly has typos in it, which is of course the first red flag.  You'll also notice that the link listed doesn't even have any form of AT&T in it, another flag.  Also, in all of my years of owning a mobile phone,  I have never had a carrier offer a refund that way, or any way for overpaying.  When that happens, it's always been credited to my account for the next month.

So obviously, the text was bogus.  Just another one to watch out for, especially since the enticement of getting money back can lead to quick clicking on links.

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