Minnesota State Patrol, Wyoming Police Department, and a horse riding cowboy all came together to wrangle some escaped cows who wandered onto I-35.

Earlier this week we talked about an at-home break-in that people were calling "fowl" play. When a turkey broke into a second-story apartment in Wisconsin. It also wasn't the first time police in Wisconsin were called to subdue a wild turkey. Earlier this year, a wild turkey decided to take his chances to cross the busy I-94 as cars had to slow down and eventually come to a stop during rush hour. That took officers about 30 minutes to remove the bird.

Now we go over the border to the Land of 10,000 Lakes where the Chisago County Sherriff was called to round up some escaped cows. According to the Pioneer Press, two cows escaped from a farm just north of Stacy, Minnesota. They made quick a stop at the Kwik Trip in the area before ending up in the parking lot of the Sunrise Estates Mobile Home Park. That is where Deputies tried to corral them, however, the cows had other plans as they started walking southbound, parallel to the interstate. They strayed into some nearby woods before eventually making it onto Interstate 35 near the city’s border with Wyoming.

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Minnesota State Patrol and Wyoming Police Department joined forces on foot while a cowboy (nearby farmer) joined in while riding a horse. They all worked together to get the cows in the trailer while traffic on the interstate was delayed by 45 minutes due to shutting down interior lanes.

The Sherriff Office had some fun with it by sharing the video on social media and saying things like:

You may have seen us trying to do our best ‘Yellowstone’ impersonation


We had a bit of a public moooosance this morning. After getting their escape a couple cows wandered over to

@KwikTrip in Stacy. (Can someone check if the employees said “See you next time”?)

Hats off to everyone involved and getting the cows to safety! Check out the video below:

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