This election season, you can vote your taste buds, not your conscience. Curly Girlz Candy in Medford offers some election-themed truffles to satisfy the politically minded sweet tooth.

Owner Paula Trenda says she started selling the #MAGA Truffle for Donald Trump and #imwithher Truffle for Hillary Clinton in mid-October.

The #MAGA truffle is a vanilla-cherry ganache covered in milk or dark chocolate and drizzled with red, white and blue icing. The #imwithher truffle is coffee ganache covered in milk or dark chocolate and topped with a coffee bean.

As of November 2, Trenda says sales have been about even. "Hillary is two (truffles) ahead," she laughed, but mentioned that when they first debuted, the Trump truffle had an early lead.

Trenda said a Google search helped her figure out what flavors the candidates liked and how to flavor the truffles.

In a small-sample office taste-test, the #imwithher truffle edged out the #MAGA truffle 3-2, with fans of the Clinton version saying they preferred the richer flavor. Fans of the Trump version said they liked the sweeter fruity filling. Participants declined to reveal whether their political leanings followed their taste buds.

No matter how you plan to vote on November 8, we can all agree that both of these truffles are winners. Take our poll below to let us know which flavor you prefer.

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