If there's a couple of things I've learned about the COVID-19 vaccines, 1. Many views of the vaccine are political, 2. People that have not already gotten the vaccine by now, are most likely never going to.

So I'm not sure why Governor Walz thinks that offering unvaccinated Minnesotans a $100 gift card will all of a sudden motivate said individuals to get the vaccine? Maybe a handful of people will take advantage of the offer, but it's not going to magically solve the problem.

If anything, it could make it worse, this could just feed more conspiracies and misinformation to the people that are already generally suspicious of the Government and the vaccines.

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Combing through social media, I couldn't find very many people in support of this idea, most people are not happy about the Governor's decision to follow President Biden's suggestion to give out the $100 incentive, in general people are wondering where their $100 is for "doing the right thing" and getting the vaccine months ago.

I think it's going to be very difficult to convince 30% of the country to get the vaccine, and we are all going to have to live with that fact and figure out a way to manage it. Most vaccinated people I know are not interested in talking about lock-downs and mask mandates again, they want to move past this, and we will have to do that with a chunk of the population not vaccinated.

I'm all for people making up their own minds about the vaccine, I wish more people would consider it, but I'm fine if they choose not to. I think this money might be better spent educating and informing the public about the vaccine, but it's going to take some time, I think of it like the stop smoking campaigns, it took years, but the effort was generally effective at lowering the smoking rate.

Time will tell if this program is successful, and I truly hope it works at moving the needle in the right direction, but I, for one, am skeptical.

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