Governor Tim Walz has launched a new COVID-19 vaccine incentive program to encourage younger Minnesotans to get vaccinated.  The "Kids Deserve A Shot" incentive program is for Minnesotans 12-17-years-old and consists of two set of rewards.

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The first includes a $200 Visa gift card for 12-17-year-old who starts and completes their vaccine series over the next six weeks. The second reward includes five $100,000 Minnesota college scholarship drawings for that same age group.

WJON listeners weighed in on this news on our "2-Cent Tuesday" program.  Listeners were largely unhappy with the incentives saying money shouldn't be going toward people just to get the vaccine.  Others were unhappy that because they already received the vaccine they are not eligible for this money.  A local nurse said people shouldn't need an incentive to get the vaccine due to it's proven safety and that money should be directed elsewhere.  Some listeners don't feel this is necessary due to the small amount of young people who develop severe symptoms.

Listen to today's 2-cent Tuesday below.






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