We've come a long way, Baby!  Once, Minnesota was home one of the suckiest stadiums in the NFL and now US Bank Stadium was recently voted best in the NFL.

I have yet to experience US Bank Stadium but I've heard all the praise heaped upon this state of the art facility. The first couple years, announcers would always be praising the magnificent facility.

According to Touchdown Wire, the Minnesota Vikings are ranked the #1 for home field in the entire NFL.  If only the team could be ranked as high, right?  Touchdown Wire based their rankings on factors like architectural design and fan participation.

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Not only is US Bank Stadium great for football but many events have been held there including major concerts, like U2 as well as Guns & Roses.

Mark Lane of Touchdown Wire explained what criteria was used to determine the home field in the NFL;

The Minnesota Vikings managed to get a venue that mimics having a retractable roof without actually opening it up and exposing the fans and players to the inhospitable Minneapolis weather. The stadium also provides iconic scenes of downtown. The exterior is a bit asymmetrical, but it is nevertheless one of the more visually appealing venues in all of sports.

Hopefully with fans back in every seat for the first time since the pandemic, the Vikings will rise to the occasion and accomplish what I think they are totally capable of, winning a lot!  They certainly have the talent and coaching to be as impressive as their stellar as their stadium.

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