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This real story that happened in Rochester, Minnesota is like a great big virtual hug.  If that type of goodness is what you are searching for in the midst of all this political and COVID news, you clicked on the right story.

Erica Kathryn has been home and is quarantining as she is fighting COVID-19 in Rochester.  Something unique and as she called it "wholesome" happened to her recently when she ordered some food with Uber Eats.

Wholesome Rochester Moment
So I have covid and I ordered off Uber eats the other day. Because many times when I select “leave at door” and put in the description to just knock and leave the food, some drivers will still stand at the door and wait. No big deal. This time I specified again no contact and added that I have covid , so a no contact delivery is the safest.
In response to this, the Uber driver left me a bottle of Gatorade aside my food
I know it’s something so simple but that small act of kindness really did bring me to the brink of tears - Erica Kathryn

She originally posted that heartwarming story on a Facebook group and she was nice enough to allow me to share what she wrote...because we could all use more good news stories.  The good news will help those smiles shine through even when we've got our masks on.

To whoever the driver was...thank you, not only for what you did for Erica but also for spreading positivity and happiness in our world.

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