Last week September 20 through 26 was National Farm Safety and Health Week. Actually every week should really be Farm Safety and Health Week or even every day. That is because a farm accident can happen at any moment. All it takes is a second of not paying attention to what you are doing and a tragic accident can happen!

The University of Minnesota Extension Service has launched a new Farm Safety and Health Channel with the goal of promoting farm safety and health on Minnesota farms. These short 5 minute videos can be used for many different audiences including farmers, youth and health professionals.

"This is a great opportunity for us to share safety and health messages more widely," said Emily Krekelberd, Extension Educator for Farm Safety & Health who is overseeing the new project. The videos show a mix of information, demonstrations, and discussions. Some of the videos have Minnesota farmers that have been impacted by farm accidents.

There is of course no charge to watch the videos. You can find them on the University of Minnesota Extension website at: You can also follow the UMN Extension Safety and Health Team on Twitter@UMNFarm Safety.


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