More and more people are taking to the friendly skies these days as vaccines roll out and people get more comfortable with the idea of flying.

Air travel saw a huge dip over the past year as the pandemic hit and now that it is picking back up, it seems like we are all a little bit rusty when it comes to the whole flying thing.

This is evident in a new press release put out by the Transportation Security Administration on Wednesday (May 19th). According to their statement, officers have seen an uptick of prohibited items at airport checkpoints.

One airport in Dallas says they have seen blades, household items, lighter fluid and more. In some instances, people have even hidden items they know aren't allowed.

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So what can you bring and what can't you bring onto flights? Here are a few examples of what you can bring on board flights:

  • an airbrush makeup machine
  • a baby carrier
  • baby food and baby wipes
  • basketballs, baseballs and footballs
  • a child car seat
  • holiday lights
  • powder makeup
  • a printer
  • a sewing machine
  • trophies

There are also a lot of items you cannot bring on board. The TSA has a full list on their website and it has pretty much every item you can think of along with an explanation of what you can and can't bring.

In other airport-related news, it was reported recently that airlines may need to start weighing their passengers prior to flying. Before you panic, note that your weight would be confidential.

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