Meet Stubs. If you look her over good you can see why she's named Stubs. She was an abandoned kitty and apparently didn't have the happiest life. The vet told us that someone had removed her tail. Makes a person sick just thinking about that. Stubs didn't get along well with the house cats but she found her perfect spot. As you can see in the picture she spends most of her time on a lawn chair outside the back door. We've got a tote under the chair for rainy weather and that's where she eats.

This past Sunday we decided we should do a little cleaning in the basement. I was to haul out stuff we were going to donate out to my car. Some other stuff we boxed up and put in the Tahoe and then drive down to the horse barn and store it above the stalls.

After the rain stopped we noticed Stubs was missing. No big thing as she likes to walk around the yard. By Monday we're wondering where Stubs went. Did she climb into the Tahoe? We opened the door and called her name but nothing. We check the Tahoe again Tuesday just in case. Later that day my wife gets in the Tahoe to go to the neighbors. She states out loud, "where are you Stubby?" Mew, mew. What? She IS in the car. Lo and behold we trace the meows coming from a piece of luggage and there she is in a side pocket. I remember setting the luggage piece outside the door before putting it in the car. Apparently Stubs found a partially open pocket on the side and crawled in but couldn't back out. So she spent 2 days in a luggage pocket. She was sweaty but she got food and water and is fine. She is one lucky cat that it wasn't a really hot stretch of weather or who knows what might have happened. The luggage however will be disposed of as you might guess why.

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