Workers are scheduled to begin work Tuesday, February 7, and continue on Wednesday along bridges south of Owatonna. Crews will be clearing trees and vegetation near bridges that will be replaced beginning this spring. Motorists should be on the lookout for traffic restrictions.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, workers will begin Tuesday clearing trees and vegetation, causing shoulder closures on I-35 in both directions at the Turtle Creek Bridge. Shoulder closures will also occur on Highway 14 eastbound just west of the Steele County Road 45 interchange.

On Wednesday, the work will continue on Highway 14 eastbound with a right lane closure between the I-35 interchange and the Steele County Road 45 interchange.

Six bridges are scheduled to be replaced on I-35 and four on Highway 14 south of Owatonna beginning this spring and continuing into 2018.

Bridges on I-35 scheduled for replacement include the ones over the Straight River,Turtle Creek and the Union Pacific Railroad. The bridges scheduled for replacement on Highway 14 are the ones over the Straight River and the Union Pacific Railroad. Bridges southbound on I-35 and eastbound on 14 will be replaced this spring with the northbound and westbound bridges scheduled for next year.

Motorists are encouraged to be alert and be prepared for traffic restrictions during this time.

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