New bridge decks and reinforcement work is scheduled for Steele County Highways 18 and 31 bridges. The Highway 31 bridge is slated to close on Monday, August 14. The bridge will be demoed during the overnight hours of Monday, August 21. This will result in a closing of I-35  from 8PM on August 21 until around 8AM August 22. The demolition is being done overnight since there is usually less traffic during these hours than during the daytime. As a result northbound traffic will be routed to County Highway 45 while the southbound traffic will be detoured to County Highways 7, 30 and 4.The project is expected to take several weeks to complete.

Meanwhile the County Highway 18 bridge project will take place in spring 2018.

The work on these bridges is necessary due to the numerous times they have been struck by heavy equipment traveling underneath the bridges on I-35.

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