The creativity and talent displayed through the cakes at the Young Life Cake Auction this year didn't disappoint. I decided to attempt to pick the top five cakes. First off, I don't know if I could bake a cake even with a box of cake mix. I based my selection on the "Oh my goodness how did they do it?" factor.

  • Cake No. 5

    I had to give this cake from Torey's consideration simply because I was told it weighed 10 pounds! It includes strawberries on top. There are also portions of the cake jutting out from the sides. Are they held on with tooth picks or is there a secret? I told you I don't have a clue as to how to bake a cake.

  • Cake No. 4

    I'll make this one simple. How in the world did they make the money and get it to display that way?

  • Cake No. 3

    More questions from your's truly the nonbaker. Did they make the bun and cheese and other parts of the sub separate and then attach them? I'm clueless.

  • Cake No. 2

    How in the world did they make the laces? I know you can spray out frosting from a can, but how do you get it to go into the lace holes and so forth?

  • My No. 1 Cake

    I chose this cake for No. 1 because there are so many questions. I'll guess the slats on the cooler were made separately, but how do you get that black band of cake to stay put? Look at the lettuce on the burger. How do you make cake pieces that thin? Do you need a cake mold the shape of a bun to achieve this result?

    Either way, congratulations to all the bakers and participants in this year's Young Life Cake Auction.