It's been a goal of mine to check out State Parks in and close to Minnesota.  It's funny that we all seem to go places other than here to have a vacation- like to another state park, but we have some great ones right here in our home state.

Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud

While I was living in Southern MN, Rochester, we were able to check out Whitewater State Park.  Gorgeous!  The views are awesome, and if you are trying to get some kind of a work out in, it's the perfect spot for that.  There is a section where you can climb up the steps for that type of work out if you'd like, but there are also some trails that just gradually go up the bluffs.

Here's the thing that I really liked about Whitewater State Park, if you would like to walk around the trails in the park, but you don't want to suddenly find yourself in a spot that is way too hard for your abilities, there is a warning prior to entering.  Each trail is listed with the level of difficulty.  This helps.  Especially if you are or aren't looking for a difficult experience, or if you have the kids along. This insures that you will have the right "type" of trail for you time in Whitewater State Park.

Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud
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I feel like everyone knows about the Northern part of Minnesota.  Everyone always seems to go "up North" for a in state vacation or long weekend.  But Southern Minnesota definitely has it's perks as well.

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