By March 15 Blooming Prairie schools plan to have all their 7th through 12th grade students back in class four days a week. In an email from BP Superintendent Chris Staloch, he says 7th through 9th grade will be in class four days a week effective March 8 before bringing back all secondary students the following week.

Those students have been in a hybrid learning model since coming back from winter break. Staloch wrote, "We also know that our students learn best when they are in-person, and we have been planning for our 7th through 12th grade students to return to in-person learning."

Students will attend class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. "We will continue to distance learn on Wednesdays and continue our early outs. The reason for the early outs is to follow the executive order by the governor of 30 minutes of additional teacher prep time to plan and prepare for those that choose distance learning."

Masks are required and six foot of social distancing will be maintained in the cafeteria. But new guidelines allows for three feet of social distancing in classrooms at the high school level. "Contact tracing and quarantines will still happen under the current guidance from MDH (Minnesota Department of Health)."

Staloch points out that families can still decide to distance learn and that choice should be addressed with BP High School principal John Worke. Staloch says the district will use the next two weeks for families to change from distance learning to in-person or vice versa.

"We are excited to welcome our students back on a more regular basis. We appreciate everything each of you have done to support your child(ren) throughout the 2020-2021 school year."

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