I guess I'd heard about prototype cars but never gave them much thought. Then I was rummaging around and found this sales pamphlet explaining the 1951 Buick XP-300. It was built along with a prototype of the Buick LeSabre. From what I can understand it appears these prototypes were vehicles actually made with far out and way out advances in terms of accessories, style and other gadgets. This 51 sure looks a lot newer than a 51 model Buick. Let's take a look at a few of the pics and features that were considered back in 1951.

Here's a link to some other prototype cars of the 50's. Does the Lincoln look familiar? The Batmobile perhaps?

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    This doesn't really look like a Buick to me. More like a T Bird in my opinion.

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    Dual Carbs

    It mentions for an extra power burst push the gas pedal past the mid-position and that would open a second carb filled with methanol. Methanol was used in many racing situations. This tank was behind the back seat and methanol is extremely flammable, a recipe for disaster if it had been made that way.

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    This 1951 not only had a tach but also stop watch. The instruments we have on our dashes yesterday and today were mounted on a floor pedestal in this vehicle. Notice the absence of the convertible top. They were looking at maybe developing a car where the top would slide down into a compartment. Guess it worked.

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    Bumper Jack Not Needed

    No need for a bumper jack as this prototype had hydraulic jacks mounted on the car. Just push a button on the dash when you get a flat. It also featured an adjustable steering wheel and seats and backs that you could adjust. The norm for today but a way out idea in 1951.