If you're a fan of cool weather like me, then you’ll definitely love these next few days!


The "Great Minnesota Get-Together" is finally upon us!

It's time for long lines and huge crowds. A chance to add to Sweet Martha's Cookie fortune, and also enjoy your fill of carnival rides until you throw up.

But unless the weather cooperates, your State Fair experience could be different than the next couple thousand people who enter though its gates tomorrow.

So I got to wondering: With an early taste of fall these past couple weeks, could this be one of the coolest fairs on record?

Not quite, but it's still going to be quite chilly in the morning with highs mostly in the low 70's the next few days - which is just down-right gorgeous! But just how low have temperatures reached at state fair time?

The coolest Minnesota State Fair was during the six-day run of the Fair from September 5-10 1898 with an average maximum temperature of 64.2 degrees. The coldest maximum temperature for the Fair is 52 degrees on September 7, 1911, and the coldest minimum temperature is 33 degrees on September 13, 1890. The coolest Fair morning in recent years was a chilly 36 degrees on September 1, 1974.

Wow, that's cold!

So while it'll be comfortable to start this weekend, it’s definitely been cooler than this at State Fair time.

If you've got tomorrow off, I'd bring a sweatshirt to start, then shed some layers as you're consuming your Pronto Pups for lunch.

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