Prince has been gone for almost 5 years. Wonder if he smelled like a candle called Purple Rain.

They don't say it smells like Prince, but they say it smells like Prince. Here's the way they put it:

Have you ever wondered what is was like to be in the presence of Minnesota's favorite artist?  We did, and we think we captured it perfectly.  The Purple Rain candle is a fresh, woodsy fragrance with an intriguing rain-like edge, with undertones of lavender.

Yep, that's just enough to say it smells like him, but we aren't saying it smells like him. Anyway, it's described as a 10oz candle. Minnesota Smells have others that are the essence of Minnesota. They claim these hand-poured candles made in Minneapolis capture all the facets of Minnesota. Minnesota Smells says it's so good you will want to eat it.

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I will not eat a candle unless it's edible or tastes like lasagna or mac and cheese. They say their candles bring back memories of the 10,000 lake state. It could smell like the Minnesota State Fair (oh, maybe corn dogs?) or construction, (that must be coffee and box lunch).

The family-owned business Minnesota Smells says they make these candles because they love Minnesota. Every part, from the big cities to the small towns, the food from all the people in the state. (Oh, and they sell a couple of candles that they imply are Prince scents.) The ones I saw highlighted were Purple Rain and Raspberry Beret.

They do have some other very Minnesota Themed candles. Campfire S'mores, Plaid, Land of 10,000 Beers, and Minnesota Maple to name a few. I might have to give in and buy a Purple Rain Candle just to have Prince around me.

I'm waiting for an Aerial Lift Bridge candle, Canal, Lake Superior, or Park Point smell. As long as they don't make a candle for the drive past the sewage plant. product picture product picture

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