Ever wanted to get your exercise in where the Minnesota Vikings play? Now is your chance.

Minnesota Vikings fans had quite the season. However, there was a lot to be proud of with Kevin O'Connell's first season as the head coach. Unfortunately, the fun ride of a season came to an end this past weekend when they lost to the Giants in the first round of the playoffs.

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Of course, after the loss both Giants and Packers players were quick to troll the Vikings. You can check all those out here. Some Minnesota fans are now rallying for the only other team to lose 4 games in the big one.

Other fans are looking for stats and reasons why they shouldn't have lost that game this past weekend.

Either way, I have a good feeling for years to come with KOC as the coach. Now that the season is over, have you ever thought about checking out the stadium in a different way?

Back in November, U.S. Bank Stadium brought back the Winter Warm-Up. It invites people to rollerblade or run on the upper and main concourse of the stadium. Tickets are $15 and it happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm - 9 pm.

However, there are only three nights left before it ends on January 26th. So if you wanted to skate in the stadium, now is your chance. Check out a video of what you can expect down below:

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