After three missed field goal attempts, to go along with several other miscues from each team, the Vikings and Packers ended up in a 29-29 history-making tie.

It wasn't the first tie in NFL history and was actually not even the first time the Vikings and Packers tied (It happened in 2013 and 1978, all in Green Bay) but it was the first time in NFL history that two teams tied at 29.

Mason Crosby had a chance at the end of regulation to win the game for the Packers, but he couldn't connect on the field goal, and then the Vikings rookie Daniel Carlson missed two field goals in overtime to keep the Vikings from securing the win.

Although the tie doesn't do a ton of damage to the Vikings' playoff hopes, it does feel like a kick in the stomach for both teams after they had several opportunities to win the game.

At least the best rivalry in the NFL right now was apart of NFL history, just not in the right way.

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