The team at have used real, old-fashioned science to determine which cities in Minnesota are the best for finding the love of your life.

They looked at population density (higher is better), number of single people, number of people without kids, number of places to meet (coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc.).

It turns out that they learned some other things about us Minnesotans; we lead the nation in the number of people married, and are third from the bottom on remarrying if we do get divorced.

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The 10 Best Cities For Dating In Minnesota

  1. Minneapolis
  2. Mankato
  3. Duluth
  4. Winona
  5. Roseville
  6. Burnsville
  7. Rochester
  8. Austin
  9. Moorhead
  10. Bloomington

The worst Minnesota cities for finding a date: Rosemount (#46), Blaine (#47), Andover (#48), Cottage Grove (#49), Ramsey (#50).

How has the coronavirus affected the dating scene? When you look at some of the criteria used to determine dating-friendly cities -- things like number of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops; they've all been hit hard by COVID-19. Stay at home orders, mask mandates, and social distancing have had to have taken a huge toll on the dating scene.

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