Reality shows are a way of life now and with all the streaming channels available to watch, ordinary people that star in these shows can enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and for some enjoy a very lucrative career. I admittedly have gone down the rabbit hole on my fair share of these shows some of which I have had to step back and question why I ever started watching them in the first place, but generally, it is very entertaining.

One type of show I have not dabbled in is any of the datings shows, most likely because it is beyond my comprehension of how people can put themselves out there in such a vulnerable way. But if you are looking for love some people are obviously willing to put it all on the line, or maybe just want to be on television. Whatever their reason, there are plenty of different shows to choose from.

One such show that really takes things to the extreme is called "Love Is Blind" hosted by former boy band member Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa Lachey. This adorable couple takes two complete strangers who only meet face-to-face after becoming engaged.

The premise of the show is the couple date in "pods" and have conversations with each other while not being able to see each other. Couples that become engaged meet face-to-face and the show follows along up until their wedding day. Talk about a huge risk. Yes, we all know how someone's personality is key in a relationship but to be honest you also need to be physically attracted to the other person, especially to get engaged and get married.

A production company called Kinetic Content is looking for people 21+ in the Twin Cities and surrounding area to be contestants on the show. According to Bring Me The News the company posted the following on their Instagram page "Calling all single men & women who are brave, open-minded, and ready for a committed relationship." If you are interested in applying you can find the application here, and if you get cast let us know how it goes!

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