I know I enjoy the weekend, most of us aren't working and we can get rested up for another 5 days in the office. A recent study that was done is saying feel free to sleep in late on the weekends as it could be good for your health. 

Released today in the Journal of Sleep Research, they found that for those under 65, time spent sleeping on the weekends has the potential to impact you on the likelihood of dying young. But don’t start partying until all hours of the night on weeknights just yet. The single study only points to two specific conclusions. One is that we still need to average a healthy amount of sleep during the week, 7-8 hours. And the second was that too little or too much sleep had more or less the same effects, increased body mass index, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric distress, and a number of other unsavory things.

However according to popsci.com the findings pointed to this one key take away, sleeping too much or too little was associated with the increased liklihood of earlier mortality. Which leads to the headline of this blog: sleeping in on the weekend might actually make up for not sleeping enough during the week, and help make sure you get enough sleep to stay healthy overall.

So if you need me this holiday weekend you can find me under my covers. It's healthy!

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