The governor's office announced a new program to help get Minnesota residents vaccinated it's called "Roll Up Your Sleeves Minnesota Fans" and it is aimed at sports fans throughout the state. So the Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Lynx and Minnesota United FC will all be offering free COVID-19 vaccines to fans at upcoming games.

The vaccines are free and no appointment is necessary and there is no need to show an ID or proof of Insurance. This is a great way to get people vaccinated all in one spot and reach people from all over the state. All of these sports teams have a common interest in getting fans vaccinated as they will be opening up their attendance to regular capacity in the coming months.

The Minnesota Twins will be offering the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine while the Minnesota Wild and Minnesota United will be offering the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and will schedule the second dose right on site. As of right now about 62 % of Minnesota residents 16 years of age and up have been vaccinated in Minnesota with a goal of 70% which could happen with events such as this.

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According to Bring Me The News Governor Walz said in a statement:

We are always looking for creative ways to get vaccines directly to Minnesotans. This partnership is just another example of that work – and a shining example of these teams’ ongoing commitment to their fans and our communities.

As of right now the Twins will be offering the vaccinations at three different games while the Wild, Lynx and United will offer them at just one. For anybody wanting the vaccine it is amazing to see within just a few months how accessible it has become to get vaccinated after the initial approval of the vaccines where it was very limited who could get them and where. This summer is looking up as we all hoped with people being able to gather not only with family and friends, but also at sports venues like this, which last summer remained completely empty or with just a select group of fans.

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