We are the land of 10,000 lakes, the #BoldNorth, but some of our town names can raise a few eyebrows. For instance I think we all remember the Preparation H commerical that featured the tiny Southern Minnesota town named Kiester. (Hint: The town was named after a judge, not the area that needs the medicated wipes.)Here are the meanings behind some of the other oddly named towns in the land of sky blue waters;

Climax - The town of Climax got its funny name from a popular chewing tobacco company from the time it was named, way back in the lat 1800s. Climax Chewing tobacco was a favorite of baseball players everywhere and quickly became a household name, and apparently the name of other towns in various states as there is a Climax, Michigan and a Climax, North Carolina.

Savage - Fun fact! The town was originally named Hamilton after the city in Ontario, Canada. The name changed to Savage, as in Marion Willis Savage, he is the guy who owned and trained the famous racehorse named Dan Patch (of which a street is named at the Great Minnesota Get-Together)!

Mahtomedi - This is one of those town names where if you show your friend from Wisconsin they will give you a strange look like is this a real place? The town's name actually comes from the Dakota word for a nearby lake, White Bear Lake. Mato means gray bear, and mde means lake. Put them together, add some vowels to it and boom!  you have Mahtomedi.

Svea - Whoa here is a Minnesota town name where your not sure how to approach. Svea is an unincorporated town in Kandiyohi County and it's name in Swedish literally means "Homeland". I think it's safe to say what nationality the founder fathers were.

Warsaw Township (Rice County) - Staying local for our last one, head on down Highway 60 and you'll see a sign for Warsaw. You aren't in Europe, this township was named after Warsaw, NY in 1858. (Fun Fact: There is a Warsaw Township in Goodhue County)

Did I miss any that you know of? Let me know!

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