Growing tomatoes is pretty easy. But apparently to get bigger, better and more tomatoes, you need to have a happy plant. According to Master Gardener Mary Jane Smetanka, these are the keys:

1. Tomatoes need room. Patio varieties will do well in a pot. All others need to go in the ground or raised bed. They need full sun, watering and plenty of space for their roots.

2. Hybrids are easier to grow than heirloom plants.

3. Limit diseases. Plant your tomatoes in a different location each year. Smetanka says giving the plants a deep drink every few days in hot weather helps, too. Mulching under the plants and planting them deep are other keys.

4. They need warmth and support. Don't plant them too early. Smetanka recommends late May, and says to be sure to stake them. You do not want the fruit touching the ground.

I love fresh tomatoes. If you are planting some, good luck and enjoy! And if you get too many you can always drop some off at the station. They won't go to waste.

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