This year's mild fall lulled us into a false sense of a possible warm winter. But Minnesota's weather has reared its ugly head and comes in full force with a snowstorm followed by bitter cold. But really, when you think about it, this is classic Minnesota season change. Nice weather, followed by nice weather, followed by more nice weather and then Blam! snow and a deep freeze. The official first day of winter is still a week away and falls on Wednesday, December 21, but I guess we can all agree that winter is here already. The only good thing about officially reaching the Winter Solstice is despite it being the shortest amount of daylight for the year, it also means that the hours of daylight after passing that point will become longer as we head toward Summer Solstice on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Unfortunately before we reach that moment we're going to have to go through a lot more snow and cold. And speaking of cold, did you know that coldest day in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, happened on February 2, 1996, when the temperature was recorded at 60 degrees below zero Fahrenheit near Tower? The most snow to fall in Minnesota within a 24-hour period was 36 inches on January 7, 1994, near Finland and was part of the highest single-snowstorm snowfall, between January 6-8, 1994, of 46.5 inches, also recorded near Finland.

Hopefully we won't break any of those records this winter, but if we do we'll persevere because in the end we're Minnesota tough and it just makes the summers seem that much better.

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