MSN's list of the best jokes written about every state in our country is guaranteed to make you groan and roll your eyes.

They say the best joke ever written about Minnesota is:

What are the four seasons in Minnesota?

Almost winter, winter, still winter and construction.

That joke might have been funny the first time you heard it, but if you've lived in Minnesota for any extended period of time you've probably heard it a million times. If you have a better joke about our state, post it in the comment section below.

Their pick for funniest joke about Iowa was:

Did you hear about the Iowa farmer who wore only one boot?

He heard there was a 50% chance of snow.

And the joke about Wisconsin was:

How do you know a man is from Wisconsin?

He owes more money on his snowmobile than on his car.


They are so bad. You can check out all of the jokes about all of the states, here.



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