Raising a teenager is not an easy job. I can say this without a doubt as I have raised one, and am currently raising another one. They will try your patience in ways that you would never believe when you brought them home from the hospital.....Case in point, this 16-year-old girl from Ohio called 911 on her father, because he TOOK HER PHONE.

The father, says he took her phone because she had it locked and he could not inspect it. His concern was the numerous different apps and such that teens can use that can lead to issues and if he couldn't inspect it and go through it, he didn't want her to have it.

The daughter, who is not identified as she is a minor, claims that he did not pay for the phone, therefore, it is theft, so she called 911 to report the "crime." This girl was sorely disappointed when the officers showed up, as they sided with her dad, saying it was a parenting issue, and if she wanted her phone back, she would need to do as her father asked. She said he did not pay for the phone, and she doesn't live with him but does stay with him on occasion. "One of the officers responds: 'But guess what? Everything that you own belongs to your mother and your father. Having a phone is not a right.'" The officers also warned her about calling 911 during a non-emergency. You can watch the body cam interaction here.

Kudos to those officers who handled this situation with professionalism and sympathy, for both parties. Bravo to the dad, who wants to make sure his daughter is safe while using her phone. I have been that parent, going through phones, checking social media, even going through internet history on the home computer, in order to make sure my children are not doing anything they are not supposed to.

I also have it on pretty good authority that the same rules apply here in Southern Minnesota; if your children are minors, then, everything they own legally belongs to their parents or guardians.




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